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HGA Human Growth Agent Spray may be ordered with a major credit card through PayPal Checkout, mail order or Western Union Payment. The HGA Growth Spray order process is easy. Simply look at the pictures below and decide how many bottles you wish to order. Then either click on the picture of the number of bottles you want to purchase or mail your order in to the address given below including U.S. currency or a USPS money order payable to AAGP in U.S. Dollars for the amount indicated in the pictures along with $9.95 for shipping and handling for orders in the U.S. and $19.95 to $29.95 for orders to all other countries depending on how many bottles you order.


1 bottle of HGA Spray is $49.95 + $9.95 s&h = $59.90
3 bottles of HGA Spray is $99.95 + $12.95 s&h = $112.90
6 bottles of HGA Spray is $190.95 + $14.95 s&h = $205.90

Save $5 every month with a monthly subscription for $44.95/month + s&h


1 bottle of HGA Spray is $49.95 + $19.95 s&h = $69.90
3 bottles of HGA Spray is $99.95 + $24.95 s&h = $124.90
6 bottles of HGA Spray is $190.95 + $29.95 s&h = $220.90

HGA Growth Spray is shipped discreetly

Please Note:
All HGA Spray orders are shipped via USPS and are packed discreetly with no indication of the contents inside.

We Respect Your Privacy:
We will not sell your name to anyone.

Order HGA Growth Spray By Mail

We Accept HGA Growth Spray Orders By Mail:
You may order HGA Spray by mail paying with U.S. currency or a U.S.P.S. money order from your local post office made payable to AAGP
and send it to:

P.O. Box 35281
Phoenix, AZ 85069-5281

You must include the number of bottles of HGA Spray ordered along with the amounts for the bottle(s) as indicated above along with an additional appropriate shipping costs for the number of bottles ordered for shipping and handling as indicated for U.S. and Non-U.S. orders of HGA Spray ordered. Please allow 2 weeks for checks to clear. Orders paid for in U.S. currency, credit cards and USPS Money Orders are shipped immediately. We cannot accept NON-U.S. money orders due to excessive bank collection charges. We can accept payments via Western Union and they will ship immediately. Please contact us for WU payment details.

Please note that international shipping charges do not include applicable import duties or taxes that are due upon entry into the destination country. If the destination country imposes import duties and/or taxes, the customer is responsible for their payment.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. HGA Spray is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. No part of this website, including images, claims and text may be reproduced or used without the explicit written consent of EyeFive, Inc and HGH-Spray.Biz. Individual results may vary.

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